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Blog #1 – planets vs. stars

February 5, 2012

I remember hearing different tricks when I was a kid about how to tell the differences between stars and planets in the night sky with the naked eye. Tricks like stars twinkle and planets don’t or how planets move around sparatically while stars move across the sky in one line. I’m not sure about the twinkling, (or lack there of) but I have learned that planets definately follow a different route across the sky. Because the planets we can see with the naked eye are so much closer than stars, the orbits of the planets and our own affect the way we see them. Depending on the size and speed of their orbits many planets appear to make loops while we are passing them or vice versa. Another thing that comes to mind when looking at planets is that it really makes you realize the vastness of space. Even though most stars are hundreds of times bigger than any of our planets we can see many planets much more clearly than stars because of the emmense distance between us an any other stars besides the sun. Yet another thing that rattles me is how many planets must be in the universe considering how many stars exist that can have planets in orbit. It’s really amazing how small weare compared to the rest of exsistence.


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  1. Wow I really didn’t know that most stars are bigger than planets. That kind of blew my mind.

  2. When you think about starts being bigger than planets and how our planet seems so small…kind of alarming! You are so right! We are so small compared to all of this!

  3. Jacqueline permalink

    I didn’t know that there was stars that were bigger than planets. Wow!

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