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Blog # 3 Sci-fi technology vs. reality

February 19, 2012

I was watched an episode of nova recently on PBS that was all about Sci-fi technology and what would be possible and what wouldn’t. They also talked about how close we are to such technologies and its real suprising to see how close we actually to futuristic technology that so far up to this point has only existed in movies. I’m talking about such technologies as teleportation pads, light speed travel, laser guns and etc. Even though human technology has seemed to hit a speed bump in terms of growth rate compared to the last few centuries (except for personal computersof course), a lot of the cool things we see in sci-fi movies that we think wont exist for centuries to come are actually right around the corner. We all know lasers have been around for quite some time now for surgeries and so on, but sooner than you think we will have laser guns just like in star wars or star trek. Although unfortunate, most of the new technologies coming soon to human civilization are getting there start through war, as most groundbreaking technologies develop. For example the U.S. military has found a way to use microwaves in a huge weapon that can be used to disperse large crowds ( or military units) from very far away. I’m looking forward to seeing the new technologies our scientists come up with that may benefit all of humanity.


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  1. This reminds me of when I went to Disney world when I was little and they had this futuristic house with all these inventions that were thought to be a part of the futures mainstream. That was about ten years ago and I have already seen some of those things being used today!

  2. Thats so neat and cool to hear! I know they might be far away from this but I would love to see flying cars we could drive around it and I think lightsabers would be really awesome if they could actually make those!

  3. Great post! I love to think about the amazing inventions that are soon to come, dreamed up by people interested in what is beyond our planet!

  4. Your are so right. It’s very sad to realize that the technology that we are coming up with is being used towards war. I remember when I watched the movie the Fifth Element, I would always ask my self when are they going to make a car that does not require gas or maybe a car that can fly. Now we have the hybrid car that charges and does not necessarily require gas. Its truly amazing how far technology has gone in last than 100 years. When I say that I’m primarily thinking about all the apple products.

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