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The Moon

April 22, 2012

Today I’m going to talk about our closest neighbor, the moon. The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. It is fairly large. It’s the fifth largest moon in our solar system and its diameter is a quarter size of the Earth’s.It also appears about the same size as the sun on Earth, it only leaves a small rim of light from the sun in a solar eclipse. Because the moon rotates at the same time with the Earth it is always facing the same way when observing it from Earth. It is the reason for the tides in our oceans because of its gravity. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the moon with the goddess of hunting, Artemis, who accidentally killed Orion the constellation. The moon is completely covered in craters and ridges because it has no atmosphere and is constantly battered with comets and asteroids. There are over 300,000 craters over one kilometer across alone. You can clearly see many of these craters as the moon is the largest and brightest object of the night sky. Try going out tonight and finding the man in the moon.


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